Producing original, narrative content from script page to eardrums and eyeballs. Sourcing pitches, editing scripts, sorting out the paperwork, casting talent, directing, engineering recording sessions, editing, sound designing, mixing, writing copy, creating promotional content, and all the other fun stuff that pops up in the course of production.

editorial producer

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Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, G Suite, Izotope RX, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, HTML, Javascript, Metadata, PDF/Acrobat/InDesign, Quality Assurance, CMS, Final Cut Pro, Salesforce, Screenwriting Tools (Final Draft, Scrivener, WriterDuet), Social Media, Data Entry, SEO, Digital Marketing, Content Creation, Copy Writing, Copy Editing, Project Management, et cetera.

AUDIBLE, INC., San Francisco, CA | August 2015 – January 2020| Editorial Producer

Audio editing, copywriting and copyediting, production coordination, and more.

  • Produced the Audible Original “Cut And Run” - advised revisions/edits of original script, formatted script for audio, booked talent, facilitated talent contracts, produced recording sessions in the studio, edited audio, oversaw sound design and mix/master, and created promo copy and assets.
  • Produced the Audible Original “You Ought to Know Adam Wade” - reworked the live storytelling performances of Adam Wade into a long-form audio package featured as an Audible Originals Member Benefit. Facilitated scripting and transition to audio format, oversaw third-party director, facilitated recording sessions, and final audio cleanup.
  • Produced the Audible Original “The Pole Vault Championship of the Entire Universe” - sourced and pitched this project for greenlight, edited and formatted story as audio script, coordinated talent and remote recordings, directed a few of the sessions in person, edited and sound designed the project, sourced an artist and oversaw the creation of cover art, and wrote promotional copy. We had the opportunity to perform a live stage reading at the 2019 San Francisco Sketchfest, which I stage-directed and provided all live video background assets.
  • Assistant Producer on “The Hills of Baldwin" and several other Audible Originals projects. Sourcing pitches, guiding projects to greenlight, producing demos, providing informed feedback, editing scripts, coordinating talent, directing recording sessions, editing audio, sound designing, mixing, quality assurance, metadata, and delivery.
  • Produced three Seasons of “Hold On with Eugene Mirman” - talent outreach, booking studios, coordinating recording sessions, editing, managing final mix/master/edit, creating artwork, writing all associated copy, managing delivery, quality assurance, production scheduling, managing contracts and licensing, sourcing and documenting production assets, etc. Facilitated multiple live event recordings at comedy festivals. Established best practices for podcast distribution.
  • Created promo videos for Stinker Lets Loose, Sklars and Stripes, Story Party, and more.
ROOFTOP MEDIA, San Francisco, CA | March 2013 – August 2015| Video Post-Production Intern to Editor

Video and audio editing. Screening, curating, cutting, and delivering stand-up comedy, sketch, and spoken word content.

  • Shot, edited, wrote, and created graphics for “Broken News Daily”, an original daily news program for Yahoo! Screen.
  • Screened and edited stand-up comedy video from clubs around the country to create clips for syndication. Supported comedy record label and web video projects. Pivoted to screening and editing audio content from live storytelling shows, sketch comedy, improv and other spoken word genres.
  • Facilitated transition into audio production for Audible after acquisition.
  • Created animated shows and motion graphic promos for Cheezeburger.com, Pivot TV, etc.
  • Content curation, copy editing, extensive administrative work, data entry, and assorted other odds and ends.
JACK MORTON WORLDWIDE, San Francisco, CA | May - December 2012| Production Assistant

Worked on projects for Samsung, Google, VMWorld, Dow Chemical, etc. Created and managed purchase orders and expense reports, used SAP software. Prepared and delivered production materials and arranged venues/accommodations for events and tours. Completed miscellaneous administrative and data entry projects.

BOSTON PRODUCTIONS, Norwood, MA | Summer 2008 | Production Intern

Became familiar with multiple levels of post-production video work. Assisted production staff on projects, Captured, logged information. Edited demo reels utilizing Avid, Final Cut Pro, and DVD Studio Pro.

Bachelor of Arts (BA), Film and Electronic Arts Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY
Et Cetera